Lifespan Respite Coalition

Lifespan Respite_logo_small

To recruit and train a pool of qualified respite care providers which NH caregivers can easily access to meet the needs of those they care for, thereby enhancing the quality of life for individuals of all ages.

All caregivers in NH will be able to access high quality, affordable, and culturally appropriate respite, that will be delivered according to the caregivers’ and families’ needs, timelines and special circumstance.

New Hampshire Lifespan Respite Coalition

Respite literally means a time of rest or relief. Respite care provides a family caregiver a temporary, short-term break from the constant responsibilities of caring for a dependent child or adult.

Through the collaboration with numerous stakeholders, Department of Health and Human Services, Special Medical Services (SMS) has been working to improve respite services for primary caregivers who support individuals with special health care needs across the lifespan.

Amongst several projects, SMS has developed respite care training and pilot program, recruited new providers, conducted a statewide caregiver needs assessment, and is assembling a NH Lifespan Respite Coalition.

A coalition is a working alliance between people and organizations. To strengthen the Lifespan Respite Coalition, individuals and agencies are encouraged to join in order to improve respite services within NH.

Stakeholders in the Lifespan Respite Coalition include:
NH Family Voices
Granite State Independent Living
Manchester VA Medical Center
Brain Injury Association
The Moore Center
MS Society
Parish Nurse Program, St. Joseph Hospital
NH Department of Health and Human Services, Special Medical Services
NH Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services


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